now! We start with ourselves. Not one day. Now.

now! It's more than just tights.

It is a commitment from Gabriella.

now! the first tights in the world in 100% made of yarns certified with Global Recycled Standard.

  • innovative
  • produced in Poland
  • completely matt
  • comfortable
  • environmentally friendly
  • available in three types of thicknesses

Environmental benefits:


in 100% made of yarns certified
with Global Recycled Standard


90% less water used
in the production process


80% less CO2 emitted
to the atmosphere

Meet now!

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now! this is a commitment from Gabriella

Sustainable development is a challenge facing the whole modern world.

now! the first tights in the world, in 100%, made of yarns certified with Global Recycled Standard, they were created as an alternative to traditional hosiery products.

They open a new chapter in the history of hosiery and set the direction for our company. We want them to become the main line of products in Gabriella’s offer over time.

  • For the sake of the environment, we got rid of the foil packs in e-commerce shipping. We have replaced them with boxes that are made of cardboard and are fully recyclable.
  • We have resigned from the washing stage in the product development, as a result we have achieved 40% of water saving used in the production.
  • Foil in now’s product packaging!? No! It is its compostable equivalent made on the basis of PLA, i.e. fibres made
    in 100% made of vegetable sugars, in this case corn. And the paper in the packaging comes from the recycled materials (FSC).
  • We have included in the packaging information on how to properly prepare it for recycling before throwing it away. This way, every element of the box gains a second life!
  • We only print when we have to! Nearly 85% of the invoices are issued in electronic form only, and we print out internal documentation on recycled paper.
  • We encourage our Customers and Business Partners to use online dvertising and information materials.
  • now line! was created not only as an alternative to traditional hosiery products, but also to become the brand’s main product range over time.
  • The foil for packing all products will be replaced with a compostable equivalent.
  • The electricity used by Gabriella, which is necessary for the production, but also for the operation of the office and the shop, will come from photovoltaics or cogeneration.

Do you want to know more? Whoever asks gets an answer!